Moneytrees is a knowledge-based social enterprise. It’s a one-stop-shop, financing platform for landscape restoration and small forest enterprises in Africa.  Often distinguishable in Africa only by geography and ecology, sustainable forestry & landscape restoration are two critical pillars in rebuilding Africa’s crumbling green and social infrastructure. Moneytrees provides easy choices to non-profit, profit-oriented & other donors and investors interested in working through local initiatives. Moneytree projects are generally small or medium sized; individual farmer fields, or small forest businesses run by communities. Moneytrees outcomes are improved local livelihoods, greater agricultural productivity through value chain development, youth and gender responsive employment and assured ecological resilience.
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In order to help you increase your positive impact on the landscape restoration and forest business, our facilitation and monitoring team of carefully selected experts can assist you in the following areas:
Connect with Viable Initiatives
Through our on-demand platform, investors interested in funding pre-selected and high-performing restoration initiatives and small forest enterprises can connect directly to the actors on the ground and get a feel of their investments with minimum facilitation from us.
Sign-up to Real Time Monitoring
As you stay connected, you can follow your investment and early impacts in restoration and community forest business in near real-time by using our Moneytrees App or otherwise via our website. You can remain informed, influence action if you desire, and further influence the outcome of your investment.
Evaluate Policies Partners&Networks
To increase your confidence in the performance of initiatives you can evaluate existing social, economic and policy contexts. You can evaluate accessibility to additional technical and financial resources; partners and networks, operating in the context of your investment.


Meet the team of passionate professionals who are working hard to increase the impact of grassroots forestry and landscape entrepreneurship


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Are you an individual or organization passionate about re-building Africa’s degrading green infrastructure, farmer by farmer? Are you a donor or social entrepreneur interested in helping make community forest enterprises finally succeed after many years of uncoordinated financing and failure? Or are you interested in contributing to Climate Finance in general, but interested in ensuring small farmers and rural communities, women and indigenous people get a share? Then join us, and we will like to hear from you. Join Moneytrees as an implementer. All we do is facilitate your passion and ensure you get value for your money in a direct, verifiable way. Also keep in touch as we launch our update which will bring live project viewing, investment and follow up through our platform.

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