AbC – Abidjan Convention
AfDB – African Development Bank
AFR100 – African Landscape Restoration Initiative
BC – Bonn Challenge
BINGO – Big International Non-Governmental Organization
CBD – Convention on Biological Diversity
CEPF – Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund
CIF – Climate Investment Fund
CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
FLR – Forest Landscape Restoration
FORM – Forest Resources Management Associates, incorporated Enterprise
GEF – Global Environment Facility of the World Bank
GIS – Geographic Information Systems
GIS – Geographic Information Systems
GPFLR – Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration
HCVF – High Conservation Value Forest
ICZM – Integrated Coastal Zone Management
IUCN – International Union for the Conservation of Nature
IWRM – Mano River Ecosystem Conservation and International Water Resources Management
KLM – Knowledge Management and Learning
LMF – Landscape Management Framework
LR – Landscape Restoration
MRU – Mano River Union
NDC – Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Climate Agreement
NEPAD РNew Partnership for Africa’s Development
NEWMAP – Nigeria Watershed Management Project
PPP – Public Private Partnership
REDD+ – Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and the role of forest conservation, sustainable forest management and carbon stocks enhancements
ROAM – Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology
RS – Remote Sensing
SLCLC – Sierra Leone Coastal Landscape Complex
TOC – Theory of Change
UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
WA BiCC – West Africa Biodiversity and Climate Change program
WRI – World Resources Institute